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  • Proudly Canadian - Clean - Vegan - Cruelty Free - Luxury Botanicals - Made in Canada - Formulated by Canadian Chemists - AntiAging - Brightening - Woman Owned

Gua Sha Fascia Blade - for body and face

Gua Sha Fascia Blade - for body and face
Gua Sha Toronto Canada Hand Blade Fascia Tool


Gua Sha Fascia Blade - for body and face

Gua Sha

This versatile body care tool elevates any gua sha practice, helping with increasing blood flow, assisting in soft tissue mobilization and reducing soreness. The hole gives this tool a functional design and allows for a strong grip compared to other gua sha tools and fascia blades.


Our gua sha is made of professional grade stainless steel. This makes it easy to disinfect, less prone to breakage compared to crystal gua shas and also cool to the touch, which helps to reduce skin puffiness. 


1% of all proceeds are donated to Canadian integrative cancer care centres.




$37 CAD / $28 USD

Material: Professional Grade Polished Stainless Steel


Size: 3.31" x 2.12" x 0.14"


A relaxing evening ritual to do while sipping on warm tea or after your yoga/pilates class. Apply Skovsona Hand Cream and try out different fascial release and acupressure techniques around your hands, wrist and forearm with this tool. 


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